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    Digging around the forum, many questions/solutions on running N64 games depend on the software version and emulator versions. Many videos and tutorials are woefully outdated. For a point of reference here is what I’ve learned using a Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.0 beta 2:

    Mario Kart
    – best is MP64+(test) w/gles2N64
    runs great. Split screen fine

    Star Wars Racer
    – best is MP64+(test) w/gles2N64
    only tested in practice races

    Super Mario 64
    – best is MP64+(test) w/gles2N64. playable

    Yoshi’s Story
    – best is mp64+ (test) w/gles2rice, but it slows down as it gains complexity
    may be helped with settings?

    – best is mp64+ (test) w/gles2rice

    – best is mp64+ (testing) w/ gles2rice

    007 Goldeneye: too slow to be playable, but mp64+(test) w/rice is best
    SW: Rogue Squadron: locked up my pi on any setting.
    South Park: no luck with any emu
    Toy Story: no luck with any emu

    note: I had to map a joystick button to exit the emulator – I have had no luck in configuring hot keys for n64 games. I also had to insert screen resolution for the “rice” games to display on the full screen instead of the bottom left hand quadrant.

    Additions comments and recommendations to this short list are encouraged!

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    FWIW, gizmo98 posted these settings on his github for RiceVideoLinux.ini and gles2n64rom.conf. https://github.com/gizmo98/mupen64plus-video-settings

    Implementing both of these changed my world. Still fine tuning, but it got me in a workable environment.

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    Thanks, I hadn’t seen Gizmo’s settings, but I wonder what differences there are between the baseline mupen64+ and the “testing” version. I haven’t tried messing with the settings, as for the most part, the ones that do run with the gles2N64 are good enough “as is”.

    edit: I totally missed the “Mupen64plus (ricrpi branch) thread, and did not realize that Gizmo’s settings are included for both the standard and the “testing” emulators (so now I know what you are saying) Still, it is not always clear when to use the rice or glesN64.

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    I edited the first post instead of adding to it.

    mods, please delete this post.

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