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    I am currently only running NES, SNES, and PSX roms and they are unzipped. Can I leave them zipped if I want? What about the other systems on RetroPie?

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    I believe in all cases you have to unzip them into whatever the rom format is, the only reason you find them zipped up is to speed up download time I believe.

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    There are a few systems you can use zip files with here they are. There are issues with segacd and possibly other systems if the roms are large since the emulator has to hold the extracted rom in memory and the pi doesn’t have a ton of memory.

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ grep -B1 .zip /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg
    <extension>.a26 .A26 .bin .BIN .rom .ROM .zip .ZIP .gz .GZ</extension>

    <extension>.crt .CRT .d64 .D64 .g64 .G64 .t64 .T64 .tap .TAP .x64 .X64 .zip .ZIP</extension>

    <extension>.zip .ZIP .fba .FBA</extension>

    <extension>.zip .ZIP</extension>

    <extension>.zip .ZIP .fba .FBA</extension>

    <extension>.smd .SMD .bin .BIN .gen .GEN .md .MD .zip .ZIP</extension>

    <extension>.smd .SMD .bin .BIN .md .MD .zip .ZIP .iso .ISO</extension>

    <extension>.32x .32X .smd .SMD .bin .BIN .md .MD .zip .ZIP</extension>

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    Thanks! That is what I was looking for. I thought MAME had to be zipped but didn’t know if anything else was that way.

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    i wouldn’t recommend that you zip anything if you can can, I understand that mame/cps/neogeo arcade roms will be but you shouldn’t apply any compression to them if you can help it too, just a plain archive zip file will work best.

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