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    since there have been the odd rom help requests and fulfilments, could it be an idea to have a sub forum created, but ONLY for the help of getting problem roms running, any requests and links would completely forbidden, but if anyone does request or post links, could be felt with according to how ever Florian see fit, or even writing something new in to the forum rules, with maybe such actions resulting in a ban or something along those lines?

    i thought this idea would aid in the structure of the forum an maybe keep the “Everything Related to the RetroPie Project” free of rom/game issues, and only for the general running of the Project [setup/emulators/emulation station/controller] quires and issues,

    and i’m sure this idea of getting problem roms running on the Pi is not only a RetroPie set of problems, and I’m sure it would be quite cool to aid the whole Pi emulation community

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