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    Hey Everyone,

    This may be impossible to do effectively, but, basically what I’m looking to do is to have the RPi setup on the network and then just access it through remote sessions to play games.

    My brother lives in a different town, and ideally, I would like to have a setup where he and I can both remote in no matter where we are (whether using OpenVPN or whatever it may be), and play games that way.

    I know there are performance concerns, but I haven’t even gotten that far yet. What I have done so far:

    1.I’ve tried using VNC, however, as it creates new desktop sessions, it doesn’t work correctly (mainly because emulationstation can’t run with xserver active).

    2.I’ve tried using Xming, which does seem to work…for everything except emulationstation.

    Also, what I had in mind for key mappings would be to have something like ‘antimicro’ installed on the client system, which I would think shouldn’t have a problem sending keys through remote desktop, as long as it’s set up the same as retroarch (or whatever else) on the RPi

    Let me know what you all think: if anyone has tried this before, if anyone has suggestions/alternate approaches, etc.


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