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    I have problem with RetroPie installation on Raspberry Pi Zero. I created Retropie files for NOOBS installation with this official guide. When NOOBS boots i have 3 OSes available to install: Raspbian, OSMC and Retropie. First two installed succesfully but Retropie during installation gets stuck at “First boot: Resizing the filesystem” for almost 2 hours. I dont think it would take any time longer…

    Resizing filesystem

    Maybe its related to partitions.json file?
    “partitions”: [
    “label”: “boot”,
    “filesystem_type”: “FAT”,
    “partition_size_nominal”: 60,
    “want_maximised”: false,
    “uncompressed_tarball_size”: 20
    “label”: “retropie”,
    “filesystem_type”: “ext4”,
    “partition_size_nominal”: 2400,
    “want_maximised”: true,
    “mkfs_options”: “-O ^huge_file”,
    “uncompressed_tarball_size”: 1873

    Looks like retropie install with noobs is for single OS only so ill just install it on Raspbian.

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    I am having this same problem, Only I removed the Raspian from the SD card and used only OSMC and Retropie. Did you resolve this issue?


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    See the end of – you must have missed that part of the documentation.

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