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    This is a spreadsheet for all systems, picture to show you how it works you can use your Google/gmail account or sign up both ways you can edit the spreadsheet.
    it includes all emus in spreadsheet separated by tabs. you can look at the spreadsheet without logging in but you can’t edit. don’t forget to hit save!!!



    this project just started and nothing is done :) so this is a group effort to make this list so please help out. all in one compatibility-list

    for PlayStation list I got it from here

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    update 1
    games add to:
    -dos (total 36)
    -nes (total 2)
    -snes (total 1)

    currently working on
    -dos games over 4000 games to check
    -a new site for spreadsheet

    tested psx games
    -Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack 1 London 1969 patched (patch means does not need gta 1 to play this game some may know on psx you needed gta 1 to play this game london 1969 patch to play without gta 1 works on raspberry/retropie tested. )

    -changed dos, nes, snes looks
    -sorting filter has issues
    -spreadsheet is flash so may be slower then other online spreadsheets

    Dos Tips
    -keep folder names under 8 characters or will you get invalid path
    -run setup.exe helps get games going
    -sound blaster works for most games(in setup.exe select sound blaster for sound and music if the option is there)
    -to find version of game you are using(read the readme, helpme file, run setup or run game watch boot process)


    how do i edit my post? i don’t see the edit button :(

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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