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    since I updated my RPi to RetroPie 3.6 I have some problems with the Button-Mapping on N64 and Dreamcast.
    The config Files are all fresh, I don’t take them from my old installation.

    I use a wired Xbox 360 gamepad with the userspace driver.

    N64: The mapping of the “Exit Emulator” button doesn’t work correctly. It resets to default values every time I start a game (for my configuration the default mapping means “J1B8/B9”, which means, that only the second controller can exit the game. If I play with just one controller I can not exit).

    Dreamcast: First of all I am very happy that this emulator works better after the update. I get now to the loading screen of every game (after setting date and time and choose a memory slot). Every game tells me to hit “Start” but that doesn’t work.

    I searched for both problems and found several hints but nothing worked. It seems that most informations are outdated (mostly for dreamcast the config files mentioned in nearly all help-topics I found are not in the described path or the entrys are not in them).

    Hope someone has an advise for my problem.



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    The problem with mupen64plus and hotkeys is, everytime you start the programm, the mupen64plus.cfg gets edited. To change that, edit the runfile for mupen64plus.


    # write hotkey to mupen64plus.cfg
    iniConfig “=” “\” $configdir/n64/mupen64plus.cfg”
    iniSet “${hotkeys_m64p[$i]} “$bind”

    comment the two last lines out, it should look like this.

    # write hotkey to mupen64plus.cfg
    #iniConfig “=” “\” $configdir/n64/mupen64plus.cfg”
    #iniSet “${hotkeys_m64p[$i]} “$bind”

    However keep in mind that, your hotkey configurations from retroarch are not updated to mupen64plus anymore.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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