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    Alright… so my Pi keeps freezing/hanging whenever I’m playing a SNES game. I just installed it using BerryBoot so I could have a larger repository for ROMs.

    My setup is as follows

    Pi3->Plugable Powered USB hub-> Vertex 500GB SSD.

    Has anyone else had any issues with the newest berryboot version? If so how’d y’all fix it?



    Maybe related to my problem related here :

    Regular freezes with Raspberry 2&3



    I think it probably is. The standard image works flawlessly with my 32gb SD card, zero freezing even if I transfer roms while playing PSX games using onboard bluetooth and wifi.

    The only queston I’m left with is: Is this an issue with Berryboot itself or with Retropie or a little of both? I even went around the standard install and did Berryboot to a Raspbian and then installed RetroPie manually after stripping out X and all of the odds and ends. I’ll go ahead and add my voice to that thread though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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