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    So I got a Pi3 and flashed RetroPie 3.6 to it. And my USB controller works in the menu, but it doesn’t work in-game. So I decided to try my PS3 controller, but it doesn’t pair with my Pi3.

    I did this:
    sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth
    And then installed PS3 controller drivers but it doesn’t work. If I connect it via USB, all 4 lights are blinking on the controller, and when I disconnect it, then the PS button doesn’t work, controller doesn’t turn on. I connected it and on the other gamepad, chose controller configuration, and then held O button, but when i started pressing the buttons to configure it, only buttons that worked was O and △ (ring and triangle). So I want to pair my PS3 controller, but yeah, I want your help.



    Can you putty into your Pi or choose the option (when pressing start) to quit emulation station.

    From there on you will be in your home directory (pi)

    do “cd RetroPie” and then sudo ./retropie_setup

    A menu should pop up. Update your script (always a good idea!) and then go to (configuration to be used post install, sorry I do not have my Pi booted at the moment) and from there on you can choose an option to pair the PS3 controller.

    Hope this helps!


    I’ll try and tell you then, thanks for now!


    same issue, cross posted on another topic in this forum.
    manually pairing through the setup script doesn’t help.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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