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    I am using a PS3 controller clone (model “CECHZC2U) with Retropie 3.5 in a Berryboot -environment.

    I installed the controller via the setup script, using the 2nd option “clone support gasia”.
    Now, when I connect the USB cable, wait a few secs and then disconnect & press the P3 button, the controller connects and all works well.
    However, after a reboot, the controller refuses to be paired, unless I connect & remove the USB cable first.
    For other types of Bluetooth controllers, I’ve read somwehere that there is a file where you can make the controller “trusted” so it will auto pair upon reboot. Is there such a file or setting for this controller which I am overlooking?

    The problem also exists in a “standalone” SD card installation, I tried that as well.
    Anyone else having the same issue?

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    i have the same issues with orginal ps3 controller.
    it did begin in 3.4 i think.

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    Thanks for your reply. That tells me that buying a genuine controller would not solve the issue.
    It used to work like a charm in Retropie 3.1 where I had to add the controller software (I believe sixad and sixpair) manually, however in that configuration the controller would disconnect after 10 minutes idle and would only reconnect upon a system reboot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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