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    I installed retropie 3.4, but I’m having problems with some configurations…
    On retropie 3.0 shaders worked fine, but now they just won’t work.

    I’m using rca on an old tv, set enable hotkey to button 9, previous and next shader on buttons 5 and 6. It’s the same layout I was using on 3.0, but now they seem to do nothing at all. Even attaching a keyboard and pressing the binded keys (n,m) does nothing.
    Use of video shaders is enabled and I can choose them on the retropie setup, but still they just won’t work, no even the one I manually selected.

    On the other hand, on LR-MAME2010 whenever I press 1p start (button 7) it shows/hides frameskip and speed% display on the top right. I just couldn’t find any way to disable that binding. On LR-IMAME4ALL I don’t have that problem.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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