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    Could not get Logitech F310 to work in 3.3. ES detected fine, but got yellow warning message when launching any games. After some trials and errors, this is working.

    1) Logitech F310 in X mode
    2) Get the SD image of 3.3 Wheezy (was using 3.3 Jessie from a Raspian install)
    3) install Xbox driver
    4) Reboot
    5) make sure lsusb sees controller
    6) Make sure jstest passes (I have one 310 plugged in but see two devices, js0 and js1)
    7) configure buttons when ES starts
    8) leave driver at udev in generated .cfg file

    All seems well. Could not get this to work when running 3.3 from Raspian Jessie that I had installed with NOOBS. Using the SD image, seems to have better luck.

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    Post count: 3

    it seems to handle two X F310’s as well. Just needs a reboot when connecting the second controller. No button setup was required for the 2nd one. After reboot, was good to go

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    I am currently building two of these pi system game emulators with my students:

    We are using pi2 model B and Retropi 3.3 and using parts from Adafruit, as shown.

    I have the buttons and joystick being recognized in terminal window, but have not yet been successful getting the controls recognized when it boots into emulation station.

    Could someone give me some tips on this?

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