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    I have a previously working retropie with my bartop arcade and all the buttons mapped out and it works flawlessly xin-mo 2 player usb controller with 8 buttons per player and 4 hotkey buttons on the front of the machine. i did update to the 3.1 and it worked no problem, but i updated last night to the 3.2.1 for some of the new features and when retropie booted back up none of the controls would work. i did the setup script install rebooted and then did the binary install, then i copied over the bios folder and the config folder from the previous install and pasted it in the new install bios and config folders and still nothing. what folder can i copy over to the new install so that my retroarch controls will work as they did in the old version that i have.

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    Same here dude I’m wondering if its the version 3.2.1 I’m trying to get an older version as everything I have tried mentioned in the forums are not working. It done my head in that I have chosen to leave my project until a solid solution is presented. I’ve tried command lines, patching kernels altering retro-arch and still nothing. It would be nice if someone could upload a clean working image that we can download and use for Xin-mo or at-least an update:)

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    If you are still having the problem look at my guide: Xin-mo Guide

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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