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    So I’m trying to setup my new RPi2 to run retropie 2.5, but most of the emulators don’t seem to be working for me. I had already built one as a gift on a B+ using 2.3 and had no issues getting games to run and work with an Xbox controller. Yet now I can only get MAME working 100% (rom and controller), TurboGrafx and SNES will load but the controller does nothing.

    NES, Genesis, and N64 show up on emulation station, but when I select one it’s almost like it resets the Pi – or just kicks me back to the command prompt login (pi@raspberrypi or something like that).

    The controller is recognized by Emulation station and I have no issues using it to navigate that menu. I feel like there is probably some simple, but crucial, step I have missed somewhere along the line. Any ideas to get the controller working or the other emulators? I’m mostly puzzled by the emualator issue – I know there are other people with similar controller problems so I’m sure I’ll find a solution, but I foudn nothing regarding the loading issue. Could it be the SD Card (Sandisk UltraPlus 32g Class10) or is this just user error? I did use the default overclock to RPi2. Sorry if my terminology is off, still learning.

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    please download retropie 2.6 for the rpi2 and go from there. thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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