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    I dont know if this is the correct place to report a bug on the last beta version. sorry if this is not the correct place for bug reports

    I have a a SNES to USB adapter that works very well on version Beta 2. The 2 controllers work out of the box without any extra configuration. I think thats because the adapter is identified as HuiJia USB GamePad.

    On Beta 3, with the new integrated controls configuration, after the first input configuration, Snes controllers dont work properly. For example, button “A” works for “Down”.


    Yeah I’m using official Sega Saturn USB controllers and the D-pad is not working for me in game but works fine in emulation station. If I use a PS3 controller and open the emulator menu, I’m unable to navigate the menu or close it, and the only option is to hard reset the Pi.

    I think for the time being we would be best going back to Version 3.0 beta 2 until the bugs are ironed out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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