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    This may not be the most appropriate place to post but I have already joined here in light of the fact that it contained the most relevant discussion regarding a problem I had and the members here seem knowledgeable.

    I have recently started using RetroArch. I have used a few emulators in the past and am used to the kind of options and the possibility of having to edit config files that comes with using such software. In this case I would appreciate some guidance if anyone cares to help me out.

    My problem is that when using the Playstation emulator the display does not fill the screen properly. From the search results I’ve read this is due to the fact that the PS1 didn’t have a fixed resolution. This means that when the resolution is switched RetroArch does not crop overscan and so you are left with a window that does not fill the screen (both pillar and letter boxes).

    I was wondering a) What does the “(reload)” mean in the “crop overscan” option (I initially thought that restarting the “content”/game may crop the overscan according to the resolution of the content at the point it was reset, which sadly is not the case) and b) how do you guys/gals deal with this problem? I thought maybe I could use the custom aspect ratio and count how many increments of three I used to get the image to fill the screen vertically and use the same amount of increments of four for width, but I suspect it is not so simple. Also if anyone knows if this issue is known about by the devs and likely to be fixed I’d love to know.

    Any help would be appreciated :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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