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    Hey all. I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi B+ to run RetroPie, but I’m having some issues getting things setup.

    What I have plugged into my pi:
    Raspberry Pi B+
    Xbox 360 Wireless hub (and controller)
    USB keyboard
    Wired Internet
    RetroPie 2.3 SD imaged onto a 32GB microSD card

    I’ve been following the blog post/guide for setup here:

    I’ve been able to set up the xboxdrv drivers for running the wireless controller and have it working (with the correct LED illuminated on the controller) with EmulationStation. No problems there, though it did require me to include the option “–detach-kernel-driver” in order to get it working.

    My troubles start when I get to step #8, running retroarch-joyconfig, specifically with the command:

    sudo ./retroarch-joyconfig -j 1 >> /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg

    It tells me to let the sticks settle before pressing enter, which I do, and then it prompts me with “B (down)” – and then nothing I do seems to do anything. I push buttons on the controller, I push buttons on the keyboard – nothing registers. I have to kill the process.

    I’ve tried running the same command with -j 0 and -j 2, as I’ve seen on other posts, but still nothing.

    I’ve changed the “-wid 0” in the controller setup to “-wid 1” and run -j 0, -j 1, and -j 2, but still no dice.

    I’ve also noticed there are no configuration files in my /home/pi/RetroArch directory (only BIOS/ and roms/), is that correct?

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    It’s probably also worth adding that when I run jstest /dev/input/js0 , everything runs normal and the Axes/Buttons respond.

    I’m going to give manual configuration a try now that I’ve written all of those down, but it would be nice to know why retroarch-joyconfig isn’t working and whether or not those configuration files need to be in my home directory or not.

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    After some more tinkering I’ve managed to get it to work.

    I went back to the guide at and instead of doing Method 1 (like I did previously), I went the Method 3 ‘daemon’ route.

    I did run into a few issues with Method 3 that I managed to fix (and will post these in another thread I saw with the same issues)

    – Make sure you’ve got the right end-of-line characters in the files. I had copied the scripts into notepad++ on windows and transferred it via thumb drive to the RaspberryPi. Nano didn’t show anything amiss in the file, but when I opened it in vi, I could see them. Clearing them out seemed to get me over the last hump to get the daemon service running

    – Blacklist the xpad service (don’t have to remove it). Add “blacklist xpad” to the file /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf

    – I ran into something saying that xboxdrv needed root permissions for some things, meaning you needed your user to be in the root group (which is a bit of a security risk, usually), however I’ve since removed myself from the root group and things still run fine.

    – I also did not have to use the dwc_otg.speed=1 fix (I tried it once, but it stopped my keyboard from working and I had to start over from scratch)

    – I’ve kept my keyboard plugged in the whole time and didn’t notice anything weird about the indexing

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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