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    I posted this in another forum asking for how to do this, but apparently it cannot be done. I would like the ability to select a system (Snes, nes, etc) to start in at boot, instead of loading the main menu. I have a retropie setup that is strictly for SNES emulation, (and dedicated genesis and psx on the way) ideally it would boot directly up into the SNES game list directly. I know i can remove the other emulators from the menu so only SNES shows up, but it would be nice to be able to just skip that first screen, yet still have the other emulators available if i wanted to use them.



    The ‘main menu’ you’re referring to is Emulationstation, which has been pretty much untouched by RetroPie devs. Your best bet is to contact Emulationstation’s Aloshi as I can’t see this as something the RP guys are going to spend time on (more pressing matters IMO).


    Thanks, i wasn’t really thinking about that when i posted this, but that makes sense.


    you’re less likely to get any help with that from aloshi than you would from the retropie dev’s as he hasn’t touched his code in at least 6 months.

    As it stands the only two ways I can think of accomplishing your task is to basically simulate key presses that take you into the supernintendo menu in emulationstation as it boots, or script it to boot into the rgui with the snes core loaded- but both are pretty singular use cases that would have to be custom scripted for your needs. There may be other ways as well, I’m not the most skilled at coding.

    perhaps in the future if aloshi ever picks up development again, it may be integrated as an option in emulationstation but yeah retropie wouldn’t be messing with that code.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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