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    I need help on Repi2 + X arcade tankstick

    Setup: Raspberry Pi 2 + RetroPie 3.4 + Xarcade2Jstick service

    I followed the installation at Wiki and the setup is functional, but with following issues

    1. the only way I can make Restropie “see” Xarcade as gamepad (not keyboard) is to enable the Xarcade2Jstick service, WITHOUT reboot, then go back to Restropie/RetroArch input device config… At forum I saw many people said ” enable Xarcade2Jstick service, then reboot, after reboot RetroPie “see” Xarcade as gamepad automatically” it never happen to me.

    2. after setup Xarcade as 2 gamepads, I saw the new config files was generated, that looks good. But after reboot, the RetroPie failed to config Xarcade as gamepad. I have to unplug/plug the Xarcade usb to make RetroPie see Xarcade..

    3. Most serious one, the Xarcade game pad only works for ~ 30 sec, after that the game pad just stop work …

    I thought maybe the Xarcade consume too much power, so I used powered USB hub as buffer, but it doe NOT help

    Please let me know for any suggestion/debug idea



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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