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    Hi all,

    the new UAE4ALL2 emulator is clearly a leap forward. The games are running smooth (pi2), blutooth game controlles are working fine (in 1-player mode) and games with several disks can be easily played. Overall it’s really fun to use this emulator.

    But still I have two problems:
    1. some games would not pass the demo mode at the beginning while other demo screens can be ended by clicking the mouse button. I have this problem with about every third game I would say. I clicked every button on my keyboard, mouse and controllers – to no avail. Is there any key combination that would work in this case?

    2. while controllers work just fine in 1-player mode there is an issue with 2-players mode. The second player drifts to the right. Also some buttons on one controller have an effect on the other one. With SNES e.g. 2-player mode is just working fine


    Hi Nbk

    Uae4all2 in its current state is basically the android/touchscreen build with a few modifications to allow it to compile on the pi.
    Its only been very recently its been “tweaked” enough to run smoothly but theres still outstanding issues. almost all of these are related to control schemes and custom controls.

    Id recommend you try disconnecting your second joystick and look in the control options, set your Joystick to port 1 only… see if that resolves your mouse issues.

    I dont think much testing has been done on 2 joysticks at this point, so im wondering if something got broken there in the android port (which emulates keyboard/joystick/mouse all on the touchscreen interface)

    Give it a try, any problems can you let me know which demos/intros you are struggling with and ill take a look?


    confirmed theres issues with 2nd joystick. I tried 2 matching retrolink snes (dragonrise) usb pads. joystick 1 works fine but joystick 2 has a mind of its own…


    Hi amigagamer,

    thanks for your reply. Today I spent a few hours to do some testing with 2-player mode (1-player is working fine).

    Plenty DemoScreens/Intros are showing this behavour. Some games simply won’t accept any buttons so I can’t start the actual game. Others work just fine. At Wings of Fury e.g. I have to keep the mouse button pressed and move the mouse in different direction to pass the DemoScreen.

    Port 0: P1 doesn’t work at all. P2 automatically swerves to the right+backwards.
    Port 1: P2 doesn’t work at all. Player one is working fine.
    Port ALL: in all the games P2 drifts to the right and backwards if possible. Furthermore P1 often steers/fires automatically for P2 and vice versa…

    – obviously ‘Right+Down’ are permanently activated for P2
    – steering/firing for P1 also oftentimes affects P2 and vice versa
    – if i choose custom control and assign a single Key to a joyepad (like MouseButton to L) it simply wont apply.
    – If I use a 1-player game Mode I can use both controllers as well, but for the second controller (Port0) I can’t use the fire buttons

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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