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    I am putting a pi zero in a usb NES controller as a fun project and i have run into a power problem.

    I have managed to get RetroPi up and running and in-game to test my soldering and modification on the nes controller, but i need to power the pi with the GPIO as there is only a couple of mm clearance on the usb power socket.

    I have soldered a usb cable to the correct pins on the gpio and the system starts booting, but on the RetroPi splash screen the pi reboots and gets stuck in this cycle.

    After hunting through this forum i found a thread saying retro pi needed 2amps so i used a power brick capable of supplying 3.5amps and it had the exact same problem (the same power brick runs the pi fine through the normal usb power connector).

    i have also tried re-soldering the connections to gpio to make sure it isn’t that.

    If anyone can help i would appreciate it, otherwise i will have to cut a horrible looking hole in the controller to allow the cable and plug to come through :(


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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