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    Need some help, guys. I am very new to this but learning. I have formatted my SD Card (16GB) and installed NOOBS on it. It loads on my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. The software seems to work fine. However, the only thing I want my RPi2 to do is run retropie. I have downloaded the new 3.3 image for RPi2 from https://www.petrockblock.com/retropie/retropie-downloads/retropie-sd-card-image-for-raspberry-pi-2-2/. So, questions I have.

    1. I have raspbian working fine as my OS on my RPi2. I now need to remove the SD card from my RPi2 and put back into my PC (Windows) and add the Retropie image, correct? What is the proper way to do this?
    2. When I take the card out and use Win32DiskImager to write the RetroPie3.3 to the SD card and place back in the RPi2, the Raspbian software no longer loads. How do I add retropie 3.3 AFTER I download and have Raspbian successfully running on my Raspberry Pi 2? I have read a lot of forums and watched a lot of videos, but still…not working. Please give me the idiot’s guide to Retro Pie installing AFTER Raspbian is already working. Thanks.

    I’m a true noob, please give me advice I can understand.


    Retropie is built on raspbian. It just doesn’t have the desktop environment.

    You can either do a full binary install after installing noobs:


    Or you can install the desktop environment after flashing the retropie image:


    Thanks for the reply. I have found the terminal on raspbian. However, is it easier to just reformat my sd card to fat32 and start over?

    Thanks for your help anyone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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