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    Hi Guys and Girls

    I have an issue, I’m using a Model A Raspberry Pi with 256mb RAM. I’ve tried running Retro Pie which initially runs great I’ve tried some of the preinstalled stuff such as Quake 3, Duke 3D etc… All runs fine.

    But… once I add ROM’s and it add’s more emulators to the list the menu fails to load up. All i get is “CHOOSE” in white writing and a black screen. I’m presuming I’m running out of RAM? I saw a post from someone similar and it was due to the background images used for each system/emulator taking up too much RAM.

    Also I noticed when i check top via the command line it is showing only 120mb RAM total? I’ve dropped the GPU share down to 16MB but its made no effect?

    Any help appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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