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    Hi all

    First post here, sorry if its in the wrong place.

    What are peoples thoughts on this comment on Engaget regarding the rasberry pi zero?


    “I have a sega genesis but I do not have a cdrom unit. I am currently using a raspberypi to emulate just the cdrom part and it transfer cdrom data to the genesis. However my raspberry pi looks very ugly sticking out with all the wires. With this new pi I will be able to put everything internal in the genesis. I am now encouraged to do a similar project for my pc engine that does not have a cdrom, should be easy since I don’t have to emulate a CPU as you have to with the genesis the 68000.”

    This is something I would be very interested in as you could have a self contained Genesis/Megadrive with all the CD games built in, rather than rely on decaying optical tech.
    I am unable to find any more information on it. Is this something that is possible using some form or retropi attached to the expansion port? Does anyone here know any more details on this project.

    It raises a lot of other questions for me but just knowing if this is BS or not would be a good start.


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