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    I’ve been around, but I’m not sure where to ask this, so long story short:

    Should I get a Raspberry Pi A+ for a Portable?

    My idea for this portable is that it’s like a GBA SP (And could probably play it).
    Though, I’m wondering if the RPI A+ can’t handle some emulation (due to its reduced RAM).

    Systems to emulate:
    – NES
    – GB/GBC
    – GBA
    – SMS/GG
    – Arcade(?)
    – Atari 2600/7800(?)
    – Super Mario War

    I hope to make a portable sometime, and I’ll probably share it!

    Edit: Should I get a PiTFT (LINK)?

    Thanks for reading!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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