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    I just got my Raspberry Pi 2and intend to use it as an all in one console. Currently it works very well with all of the older generation consoles like SNES and NES but I am trying to make it run Nintendo 64 games. I can run Mario 64 flawlessly but Smash Bros runs slowly. I thought that Pi2 had more than enough power to run N64 games.

    I have overclocked my system a bit like so:
    #arm_freq=1000 # I do not use this. Just use default CPU freq
    gpu_mem_512=384 # should not be used but still include it.

    The Smash Bros problem seems to be that it is only running on about 10 frames per second.
    My question is, does someone have experience in running N64, PS1 or such consoles with success for most games and can help me solve this problem?

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    Your GPU mem looks high, bring it back down to 128.
    Are you using the Pi2 over clock setting from the raspi-config menu? That should be all you need for smash bros.

    Check out this vid, I also have one covering PSX setup.

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    Any reason set gpu ram to 128MB? If you have many roms with many pictures emulationstation will certainly get out of vram. The whole screen flickers like hell and you cannot use emulationstation anymore.

    RPI2 has more than enough ram. There is no reason to decrease vram.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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