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    In AdvMame .94 the display settings defaulted to a lower resolution “80s arcade quality” look, but in 1.4 it’s defaulting to a higher resolution. I’ve looked in many different places and tried several different settings, but it keeps coming up the same.

    Take a look at the photos below. I want the screen res to default to 224x 256s 1.00×1.00 and even if I change this line in advmame-1.4.rc to display_mode 224x 256s 1.00×1.00 it still comes up 448x 512s even though if I hit tab, it says 224x 256s until I select that option again, then it changes.

    Any ideas? You can clearly see the differences below. I just prefer the “arcade” resolution look.

    Note that this is not an ES setting because if I take the .94 Advmame binary and replace it with the 1.4 one, it comes up in the lower res. I just need to know how to set 1.4 to default to this setting.


    Looks like I just found it.

    In advmame-1.4.rc display_magnify was set to “auto” when it needed to be set to “1.” Here’s the settings I am using now:

    display_magnify 1
    display_magnifysize 640
    display_mode 224x 256s 1.00×1.00

    This gives a more “pixelated” look like it was in the original arcade and doesn’t “smooth out” the edges like the other option did. It’s a personal preference thing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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