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    Hello dear Forum :)

    I freshly installed the latest retropie version on my raspberry Pi 2 and i updatet the script etc with help of this tutorial!

    : Binary Tutorial

    After that I followed another tutorial to get the psx emulator running.

    : PSX Tutoral

    HOWEVER after I followed the second tutorial my PSX section on emulation station was completly GONE!

    I followed this tutorial carefully step by step.
    I don’t know where I messed up and I hope you guys can help me out!
    Primaly i want to play european and german psx n64 and dreamcast games.

    Oh before I forget, i tried to follow this tutorial aswell!

    : N64 Tutorial

    But at 0:50 you see that this gentleman has 2 n64 emulatiors and I only have one.
    This confused me so i did not follow that tutorial any further.

    If you could explain me what I need to do or send me a guide/ tutorial which explains me step by step how i config these emulators properly you would be a HUGE help!

    I am looking forward to your answers! :)

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    With N64 perhaps you are using the 3.0 image? That’s what I am using and found that my N64 folders were different from his. I gave up on N64 anyway in the end, it’s just too janky to be worth messing with: stick with what Retropie does well :)

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    Thank you for your answer!
    I did the same but now i have another issue. NONE of my emulators work anymore!

    I opend a new thread and i hope someone can help, I dont want to install my image for the 10 time…

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