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    ok, basically what are all these different files for?
    over the past few days i’ve been getting different roms but included with these are other files, for example;

    i use “emc” to convert .bin.ecm to a .bin file and i know .cue files are needed to run the roms (i think thats right)

    .7z = compressed file?
    .ape = audio file
    .bin = rom/image file?
    .ccd =
    .cue =
    .ecm =
    .img = rom/image file?
    .mdf =
    .mds =
    .sub =

    .bin.ecm = rom/image file to be converted

    how do i use these files?
    do i need all these files?

    i’m sure others will like to find this info out too

    thanks in advance

    (btw i’m using a mac)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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