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    So before I buy myself a second Pi (my first one was laying around without purpose for almost a year) I have some questions. I tried looking for answers via the search function, Google and even Bing but to no avail so here goes.

    First some background:
    The system I’m planning to build would be mainly for Atari, NES, SNES and PSX.
    For this I like to interface native NES and Atari controllers or USB clones and for the SNES and PSX I wanted to use my PS3 controllers preferably via bluetooth but USB would be fine too. The console would have 2x USB, 2x NES and 2x Atari connectors. The NES and Atari controllers would be connected to the Pi via a controlblock.

    So is this possible in a plug and play fashion? I have the impression that the only way to get this to work without having to resort to the command line is using native Atari and NES controllers and connect the PS3 controllers via Bluetooth and leave the USB’s as a back up. Or could I swap all (clone) controllers via only USB without having to use the command line?

    Can the Pi actually even power the controllers or do I need a powered hub?

    Next up: the PS3 controllers are also used on a PS3. If I pair the controllers to the Pi via bluetooth, then to the PS3 and then back to the Pi. Would I need to configure them again? How?

    And last question: the controlblock hardware schematics are closed-source? I’m planning to build in all hardware in a broken Atari 2600 Jr so space is limited and as I would only use half the controlblock I could make a smaller version.

    thank you for your help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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