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    I’ve been trying to set up a controller for use with RetroPie and regardless of whether I try a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller I’m seeing a similar error.

    When I boot up the Pi, the controller will initially work, but after a period of time (it seems like a constant period, but can’t be sure) the controller resets and I’m unable to use it. When it happens with the 360 controller, I get the error message:

    [ERROR] XboxdrvDaemon::launch_controller_thread(): USB device disappeared before it could be opened

    However, since the problem is also occurring with my PS3 controller, I’m not convinced it’s an issue with Xboxdrv.

    I’ve set up Xboxdrv through RetroPie_Setup.sh, and tested the PS3 controller both with and without going through install/pair PS3 controller. Regardless of how I do it, I’m still getting the same problem.

    It doesn’t seem to matter which USB port they’re plugged into, and the keyboard works fine, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a hardware issue.

    If there’s any more info that I could provide to help diagnose what’s going on then let me know!

    Pi Model: B
    RetroPie Version Used: 3.0.0
    Built From: SD Image
    USB Devices connected: Logitech keyboard
    Controller used: PS3 Dualshock (with USB cable) or wired Xbox 360 controller

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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