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    hi guys,

    i have some problems with the hotkeys in the atari 2600 emulator.
    every other emulator is working fine with select – start as the exit hotkey but atari 2600 doesn’t regonise the hotkey? al my other controls are working fine in the atari 2600 i can play the game only not exit a game..

    i also tried different hotkey combinations and try to add them specific to the atari 2600 config file instead of the all config but the emulator just wouldn’t regonise them..

    is there something i’m missing?? i know my hotkey input command is right otherwise the other emulators wouldn’t work also.

    thank you in advance,
    someone who realy wants to play dig dug and pitfall on his arcade cabinet :D


    by the way sorry for my english i’m dutch! i tried my best haha


    Any solution for this yet? I’m having the exact same problem. Exit hotkeys work in all emulators except Atari 2600. The select and start keys don’t even perform their normal function either. For now, I’m keeping a keyboard mounted on my cabinet so I can access escape, F1, F2. I’d really like to get all the functionality contained to the cabinet controls though.

    I tried using other mappings just for Atari, but realized that nothing I put in the Atari retroarch.cfg gets picked up to override the default retroarch.cfg. It’s annoying cause Atari only works with player 2 and button y. I’d like for the player 1 button b to be the controls for the first player. And then also add the second player if that’s supported.

    Then I realized that nothing I put in any of the emulator-specific retroarch.cfgs is getting picked up. I tried mapping the Sega buttons to be more like the original controls, but no matter what configuration I put in the Sega file, it always uses the default config in the “all” folder.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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