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    i am using gngeo 0.85 which comes with the RetroPie-image and the most roms working fine so far. But i still have some problems:

    1. How can i change it to fullscreen? I wrote fullscreen true into the gngeorc-file but that doesnt seem to change anything. I still have a small black frame around the picture which is annoying.

    2. Is there a way to setup a exit button to exit the emulator directly like all the other emulators do it? So far i can only exit to the emulator menu and choose exit from there but i would like to exit directly back to the emulationstation with one button.

    3. How can i change the names of the games? For all the other emulators i could rename the roms easily but when i do that with the neogeo-roms they dont start anymore. The gamelist shows shortnames like mslug for Metal Slug par example. So far the only way i worked out is with the gamelist.xml but thats not practically if you dont want to use gamecovers. I prefer the simple list because i dont want to setup all the gamecovers by myself and the es-scraper doesnt work properly (wrong covers/ wrong gamenames etc.).

    4. Sometimes my controller-settings from the gneorc-file dissapear and i cant use the gamepad in gngeo anymore. Then i have to write my controller-settings again in the file to get it working again. Anyone have an idea why this is happening?

    Sorry for my bad english ;)

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    Did make any progress with your issues mentioned above? If so, it would be great if you would add these information to the wiki at

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    I noticed that PiFBA might have figured out some way to get it done, but the program might need to be altered to create a gamelist.xml file for EmulationStation:

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