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    Hi @ all

    I just downloaded the latest Retropie SD Image. After writing it to my SD card an booting Im troubled by following problems:

    1. While booting, the display on my TV is OK. But in Emulationsation the Image appears to be cropped out. eg: in the lower left corner the symbol for the START Button (for Options) is cut in half, one can only see the right half of it.

    2. Right from the start I have listed some Systems: Apple 2, IBM, Ports
    There are no ROMs for those systems on my PI, after adding ROMs for other systems, I “keep” Apple2, IBM, etc. … How can I disable this odd behaviour? (I dont want to see empty systems)

    3. I wanted to edit some Options of Emulationstation… but in the .emulationstation directory is no trace of the es_systems config file. How can that be?? (keep in mind, that emulationstation is working and showing up different systems!)

    4. The SNES Emulation is really choppy! Even in the DEMO screen from Mario Kart I have lagging Audio and poor framerate. I have read that I can change the emulator used, but that would happen in the es_systems config which is missing (see above). Also it seems that the Buttons of my controller arent mapped, because i cant click away the demo screen.

    5. I havent even tried to run n64 or NeoGeo emulators… would they also be so choppy?


    I am using a Pi B Rev. 2 (512MB / 256 MB Split) running at “HIGH” Overclocking settings (950MHz). I have a small heatsink attached and no case over the processor.

    The PI is connected over hdmi to my TV, the controller used is a “Logitech Dual Action”

    With the standard wheezy the PI runs smooth, even streaming 1080p30 from limelight is no proplem in this setup

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    1. This should help

    2. Delete the txt (and any other) files you will see in those directories.

    3. Try /etc/emulationstation/ directory

    4. Should be ok – I’d be tempted to up the overclock, and check other snes roms.
    Look at /boot/config.txt to confirm the overclock is set in there.

    5. Neo Geo is fine for me:

    Could be worth updating as well

    sudo rpi-update
    sudo reboot
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

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