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    i have 2 pi’s that are both 512mb, not even really sure if that matters, as well as a few different SD cards that all seem to work. i have two usb snes controllers that are both configured and work beautifully within emulation station. for whatever reason the pi will not boot unless i plug in my keyboard. i’ve tried booting with both snes controllers plugged in, with 1 or the other, and with nothing and the results are always the same unless i have a keyboard plugged in. my tv never even shows the booting screens, the green light on the pi flashes for a bit then eventually stops. as soon as i plug in the keyboard it’s like the pi reboots (judging by the lights) and then shows the boot screens and eventually makes it to the emulators.

    am i missing something? how can i get this to boot without the keyboard?

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    I would try reformatting (SDFormatter) and re-burning the image, then boot it without anything plugged in. Mine didn’t boot the first couple times so maybe try unplugging and rebooting once or twice. Weird things like that happened when I had burned a bad image.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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