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    Hi Folks,

    Yesterday I built a DB9 adapter to use Sega Genesis gamepads with my Raspberry Pi, following the instructions on The problem is… it “sort of” works.

    It works fine if I load the driver and specify the gamepad as a 3-Button Genesis controller (modprobe db9_gpio_rpi map=4,0), but if I specify a 6-Button gamepad (modprobe db9_gpio_rpi map=6,0) things get weird. Judging by the output of “jstest /dev/input/js0” it looks like some of the extra buttons (X, Y and Z) are being pressed dozens of times a second.

    I double checked the connection schematic, the connectors themselves and the soldering on the DB9 connector, and everything _seems_ fine. Both controllers are third-party (cheap chinese clones bought on DealExtreme), but they do work fine on a real Genesis and a Sega Master System.

    Does anyone have experience with this interface, or ideas on what might be wrong?


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    IIRC on some genesis controllers the x,y,z buttons might also function as megafire buttons (fast key repeat). You may want to check and see if this is the case for your specific controller.

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    I have same problem.

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