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  • Jonathan Lundström
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    I’ve been running RetroPie for the past two days and it’s working really good. My main concern is that I can’t seem to load any of the Metal Slug games as well as Marvel vs. Capcom.

    I just get the error message “Unknown or unsupported romset”. How could this be?

    All the BIOS are in place in this directory but it still does not help.

    In there I have:

    • gneogeo.zip
    • neogeo_old.zip
    • neogeo.zip
    • uni-bios.zip

    Neither of these seem to work properly since I cannot load the games.
    What do you guys think?

    Thanks in advance,

    Jonathan Lundström
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    I realized that I was wrong in putting the zip files in there and now I’ve tried to unzip them. Although, I get this error “Unknown or unsupported romset”. What do I do?

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    NEVER unzip roms. put them on the neogeo folder (at least for metal slug). only newer versions of MAME can play those games and this is not the case.
    I’m still searching for marvel vs capcom

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    hello hello,

    I’m using piFBA and I do confirm that neogeo games run flawlessly with this emulator (except 2 of them: Zedblade and Riding Hero, you have to use mame4all). No need to unzip the roms. You can check this thread for more details:


    oh and MvC runs also without any trouble on piFBA (check the supported game list HERE).

    hope this helps!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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