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    i’m going to try to explain my problem as best as possible.
    Well, i’m making a retroconsole with a old broken nes and raspberry pi. So i decided to use the switches “power” and “reset” of the nes, and i bought a mausberry circuit to use these switches, i soldered the switches like in this image
    [attachment file=”PiWiring.jpg”]

    So i connected the power supply to the mausberry circuit, i pressed power and everything was OK. The problem is that if press power again (to power off) it didn’t work (also if i shutdown the raspberry for retropie and i try to power on with the press button it didn’t work too). i have to press reset to turn off the pie and then press power to power on the pi (the problem is that i shouldn’t have to be pressing all the time the reset button, because it turn off the pi directly, no with a safety way).
    Any ideas what could be?
    i thought that could be a script that i didn’t installed from mausberry circuits, but in their web page they say “The circuit will auto-detect whether you are using a momentary switch or a discrete on-off switch” so i guess that it’s not the script rigth?

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    I have just recently recieved the mausberry circuit myself, but have not yet used it so I’m just assuming here. You need to install the script, it’s what sends the shut down commands to the os. Also note that GPIO 23 and 24 are not pin 23 and 24, that seems to be a common mistake as well.

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    Okay first time i try to download the script from raspberry pi i couldn’t, because i didn’t realize that i didn’t have connected the ethernet cable.
    So today i try it again, i downloaded the script with the instructions of the mausberry circuits set up (using the RaspBMC/Raspbian/Debian distributions). i followed the instructions.
    And 0 problems, everything is working fine.

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