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    Well decided to give 3.3 a whirl and the update went without a hitch. I mostly did it because I liked the fact that PPSSPP was now a default emulator.

    Amazing how well it runs! Still experimenting with different games but I have one question:

    When running a game (in this case LocoRoco) the game plays fine and fluidly but at moments it hangs for a like 2 seconds and then resumes just fine. I would almost think this would be emulator related but I find it strange that when I copy roms over FTP the transfer will go fast and then at moments hang for a few seconds and resume.

    Could this be an indication of a bad SD card (it is class 10)? No problem replacing it but it would require some work as well replacing something that isn’t broken is pretty silly I would think!


    I tryed with the 3.2.1 (Binary installed from Raspi menú, ppsspp v1.1.1-358, Rpie 2B) with the game from NAS and only see that the sound have some issues, but nothing with the gameplay :/

    Try if from other suppor like network of USB to see if the problem comes from you SD, before discard your SD card (Or, maybe, another Loco rom)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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