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    im making my own portable Retropie. so i hacked up a Trust Gamepad GXT28 Dualstick and solder external buttons for it. but have some problems and need help. i need to use the HAT buttons for mame. HOW?
    they work fine in emulationstation. i need to use HAT 0 UP, HAT 0 LEFT and HAT 0 Right for Coin 1player, start and UI cancel. they work fine in emulationstation when it detects a new joypad. but when im trying to press the buttons in mame input config they wont be detected at all. is there a way to manually type them in to make them work or something?

    hope someone can help me since i need to start making the case for the postable pie this weekend. and dont want to use another gamepad for the coin, start and ui cancel

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