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    i want to build a portable retropie using a raspberry pi2 i already have the rpi2 with the retropie v3 beta on it. i have decided to use a teensy to create my controller for it.

    what i would like some tips on is powering it. seems the power requirments are beyond all the power buck-boots at adafrute. i saw this 5v2a one ate ebay click here but it cant also charge the batter with this like you can with the powerboost 500c can any one recommend a charging power buck-boost type board and a battery that would get me a few hrs use?

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    Hi, not sure if you will see this since it has been so long, but I am doing the same thing.
    I got this one Amazon 10,000 mAh
    It is large, but gives 4-6 hours, if not more. You can get some smaller ones size wise and still be at 10,000mAh, but this one also had 9v output. I wanted a larger screen for my portapi, I wanted full 5 inches instead of 4 or 4.3.
    Also one item which was annoying, but not end of work for the battery is there is no shutoff, once turned on if there is any drain it won’t shut off. Not a huge problem, I just wired in a switch, but that adds more wires and work, but easily doable.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks for the reply. I am thinking I am going to go for this one.RAVPower┬« 3rd Gen Deluxe 16000mAh Portable Charger with iSmart Tech…

    I went for a 5 inch screen also. It’s USB 5 here it is.

    Then I gust need to pick out my enclosure

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