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    I was told to come here for help on this issue, but Ryan Bates’s Porta Pi Image that is a modified version of Retropie does not currently work out of the box for Rpi 2. From what I could have gathered from Ryan Bates is that all I need to do is update Retropie on a Rpi 1 in order to make it work on the Rpi 2; however, after doing this, it still did not work on my Rpi 1. Any thoughts or steps that I could take in order to complete my Porta Pi project?


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    Hi. I recently bought and assembled the 10 inch kit. Ryan Bates currently has two images available on his website which are compiled for Raspberry Pi 2. One of them comes with Raspbian and is preconfigured for the GPIO module. The other is a more recent bare-bones Retro Pie installation with no OS and no input config. I downloaded the one with Raspbian preconfigured.

    Overall it works great but I’m having a few issues with the MAME emulation. That’s a topic for another thread though. Cheers and I hope you got it figured out.

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