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    Need some help and I am getting tired, so here goes. I am not sure if anyone has one of these or has tried to use one, but I am having some success with a minor set back.

    I am interested in getting NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis working (classic 3 button Genesis controller).

    I have the latest 2.3 installed correctly running on a revision B pi. I went through the initial retroarch controller setup with an SNES controller. Here is my layout.

    I have a 4 hub (NES, SNES, Sega, & N64 [do not plan on using N64]) that allows me to use all retro original controllers. That hub runs (via gamecube connector) to another hub (allow for 2 4 port hubs to be connected for 2 player games) which then runs to USB. Following me?

    Anyways, regardless of which controller I plug into the 4 port hub, they ALL register as a Huijia USB Gambepad. The SNES AND the NES both are using the same mapping buttons, so that works out really well. Since I initially set up retroarch gamepad in the beginning with the SNES, the NES (which has less buttons) also works perfectly.

    SNES Mappings:

    up 12
    down 14
    left 15
    right 13
    start 9
    select 7
    left up 4
    right up 5

    NES Mappings:

    b 2
    sel 7
    start 9
    u 12
    d 14
    l 15
    r 13
    a 1

    Sega is not working right though – I have not mapped out all of the buttons yet because I need to go to sleep, but what I do know is that C is registering as 0 and from what I can tell (playing Alladin) it is not working (C should throw apples I think). I believe A and B and working right – the D-pad and start works perfect.

    My question…

    Because each of the 3 controllers will ALWAYS register as the same type because of the hub, is there a way to fix the Sega?

    If not, I guess I am happy with NES and SNES, and I may try and enclose everything including the pi in some sort of 3D mold when I am all finished.

    Any help is appreciated!

    I have been through files and folders to try and edit, but again, all the controllers show as the same type.



    Have you tried using the RetroArch configuration (i.e. hitting F1 while in emulation)


    Try deleting input.cfg and when you reboot, re-input all three controllers from 3 different USB ports. Then they should all be seperately read

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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