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    Need some help and I am getting tired, so here goes. I am not sure if anyone has one of these or has tried to use one, but I am having some success with a minor set back.

    I am interested in getting NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis working (classic 3 button Genesis controller).

    I have the latest 2.3 installed correctly running on a revision B pi. I went through the initial retroarch controller setup with an SNES controller. Here is my layout.

    I have a 4 hub (NES, SNES, Sega, & N64 [do not plan on using N64]) that allows me to use all retro original controllers. That hub runs (via gamecube connector) to another hub (allow for 2 4 port hubs to be connected for 2 player games) which then runs to USB. Following me?

    Anyways, regardless of which controller I plug into the 4 port hub, they ALL register as a Huijia USB Gambepad. The SNES AND the NES both are using the same mapping buttons, so that works out really well. Since I initially set up retroarch gamepad in the beginning with the SNES, the NES (which has less buttons) also works perfectly.

    SNES Mappings:

    up 12
    down 14
    left 15
    right 13
    start 9
    select 7
    left up 4
    right up 5

    NES Mappings:

    b 2
    sel 7
    start 9
    u 12
    d 14
    l 15
    r 13
    a 1

    Sega is not working right though – I have not mapped out all of the buttons yet because I need to go to sleep, but what I do know is that C is registering as 0 and from what I can tell (playing Alladin) it is not working (C should throw apples I think). I believe A and B and working right – the D-pad and start works perfect.

    My question…

    Because each of the 3 controllers will ALWAYS register as the same type because of the hub, is there a way to fix the Sega?

    If not, I guess I am happy with NES and SNES, and I may try and enclose everything including the pi in some sort of 3D mold when I am all finished.

    Any help is appreciated!

    I have been through files and folders to try and edit, but again, all the controllers show as the same type.

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    Have you tried using the RetroArch configuration (i.e. hitting F1 while in emulation)

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    Try deleting input.cfg and when you reboot, re-input all three controllers from 3 different USB ports. Then they should all be seperately read

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