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    sorry for my bad english first!
    I searched but not found how to change the resolution of the Neogeo game!
    Neogeo games launch in a little windows not in large screen like nes emulator.
    Somebody can help me?

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    hi wartotal,

    let me share with you my piFBA config file. It works nicely and as bonus you’ll get my settings for a xbox 360 controller if by any luck you’re using this controller.

    You have to put this file into your piFBA directory, which should be:


    The most important section is at the bottom of the file:

    # Display Effect: 0 none, 1 scanlines

    hope this helps.

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    it doesn’t work same config like your.
    look at my fba’s log file:

    Attempt to initialise 'Metal Slug - super vehicle-001'
    Screen Size: 320 x 224
    201-c1.bin   ... 4096Kb graphics  (OK)
    201-c2.bin   ... 4096Kb graphics  (OK)
    201-c3.bin   ... 4096Kb graphics  (OK)
    201-c4.bin   ... 4096Kb graphics  (OK)
    sfix.sfx     ...  128Kb BIOS  graphics  (not found)
    201-s1.bin   ...  128Kb graphics  (OK)
    201-p1.bin   ... 2048Kb program  (OK)
    201-m1.bin   ...  128Kb program  (OK)
    201-v1.bin   ... 4096Kb sound  (OK)
    201-v2.bin   ... 4096Kb sound  (OK)
    asia-s3.rom  ...  128Kb BIOS  program  (OK)
    sm1.sm1      ...  128Kb BIOS  program  (OK)
    000-lo.lo    ...   64Kb BIOS  (OK)
    Lets go!
    ALSA: Period size: 736 frames
    ALSA: Buffer size: 2940 frames
    ALSA: Period size: 2944 bytes
    ALSA: Buffer size: 11760 bytes
    Finished emulating
    ---- Shutdown Finalburn Alpha plus ----
    ALSA: FIFO Underrun: 0
    ALSA: FIFO Overrun: 0
    ALSA: Snd Underrun 0

    I found that in the readme file :

      -i, --rompath=PATH         Tell gngeo where your roms are
          --sound                Enable sound
          --showfps              Show FPS at startup
          --sleepidle            Sleep when idle
          --screen320            Use 320x224 output screen (instead304x224)
          --system=...           Set the system to home, arcade or unibios
          --scale=X              Scale the resolution by X
          --samplerate=RATE      Set the sample rate to RATE
      -t, --transpack=Transpack  Use the specified transparency pack
      -v, --version              Show version and exit
          --z80clock=x           Overclock the Z80 by x% (-x% for underclk)

    But i don’t konw the file i have to modify with the screen option

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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