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    So is it best to started again on the Pi3 image? I have a perfect 32gb sdcard with 3.6 installed on it and now have a pi3 with a 64gb sd card.

    I read that I might be able to use the rpi-update command on the pi 3?

    A new image sounds cleaner to me.



    I had a 3.5 image on a pi2, did a script update (restart) then updated binaries (restart) then did an apt-get update, followed by apt-get dist-upgrade. Restarted. Worked great. Swapped to pi3 and still worked great! What’s more, a few MAME roms that had performance issues on the pi2 were much better. For instance, the music on Golden Tee 2k is pretty good now and no bad slowdowns.

    I am also setting up a fresh install of 3.6 just in case. Seems cleaner that way, but I am happy I have my existing image working on the pi3.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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