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    So this is still a work in progress…
    I originally wanted to squeeze this thing into an SNES cart without having to modify the Pi, but it looked tacky and I couldn’t get it to fit anyway. So I had to poorly desolder and re-solder the USB ports.
    The physical construction is mostly done. I need to hot-glue some pegs in the cart to hold the Pi in place. I also had wired up a reset button to the holes labelled “run” on the RPi2, but it caused to the Pi to just keep rebooting, no doubt due to my poor soldering skills so I just removed the button entirely.
    I do have a couple questions though. I’m building this one as a gift to a friend of mine but I have a second RPi2 and I’d love to clone the SD card once I get it all configured so I have one of my own. Is it as simple as using win disk imager to clone the SD card or are there other considerations because of the swap in hardware?
    Also I tried recompiling EmulationStation with a new splash.svg and splash_svg.cpp but I just ended up with Segmentation Faults when I tried to run EmulationStation. Are there other calls to the splash image in other files that I need to update?

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    More images

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    Cool project!

    I was just thinking about doing something like this today.
    creating backup is easy just follow the steps below:

    Open win32 disk imager.
    Select correct drive.
    click the folder icon.
    navigate to where you would like to save image.
    enter name of image e.g. retropie 2.6 configured.
    click open.
    select read.

    depends on how different the hardware is I guess, slight mods should rectify issues.


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