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    I was having trouble launching SMS roms with default ES SMS emulator.

    changed default to osmose.

    roms now launch, but i get no controller functionality (PS3 Dual Shock via bluetooth)

    Looking at es_systems.cfg and from my reading:

    it seems that this portion:

    <fullname>Sega Master System</fullname>
    <extension>.sms .bin .zip .SMS .BIN .ZIP</extension>
    <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/runcommand.sh 0 _SYS_ mastersystem %ROM%</command>

    seems incorrect. I took a look at runcommand.sh but it was massively confusing.

    Do i have to manually update <command> to run SMS roms using osmose?

    I looked at /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulators.cfg. i can see where i have modified some n64 stuff. Should there be an entry here for mastersystem?

    Beginning to run out of ideas here. Please help! Thanks in advance!

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    in es_systems.cfg, I changed:

    <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/runcommand.sh 0 _SYS_ mastersystem %ROM%</command>


    <command>/opt/retropie/emulators/osmose/osmose -joy -joy1 2 -joy2 4 -joystart 11 filename.gg 0 _SYS_ mastersystem %ROM%</command>

    I cannot test yet since i am not at home, but i feel like from what i have learned so far, this should have me configure my input when i launch a ROM. Not a permanent solution, but could possibly lead me closer to the promise land.

    Please give feedback on this.

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    I finally got a chance to try this out.

    It didn’t work. What i ended up trying was running this from the terminal:

    pi@retropie ~ $ /opt/retropie/emulators/osmose/osmose -joy -joy1 2 -joy2 4 -joystart 11 filename.gg

    This was the output:

    OsmOse 0.8.1+rpi20121122 build on Oct 4 2015 at 20:27:34 Written by Bruno Vedder.
    Button 1 mapped to joystick button 2
    Button 2 mapped to joystick button 4
    Button Start mapped to joystick button 11
    Unable to open filename.gg zip archive.

    After this, i ran an SMS ROM from ES. It loaded fine, and i actually had some functionality out of my PS3 controller. The left analogue thumbstick took place of the D-Pad, and the right analogue thumbstick “click” took place of one of the two SMS controller buttons. I am not sure which one. Either way,the command successfully created some sort of config file to use with my input device, so i consider this test somewhat successful. I guess now i need to track down the location this mapping is saved to.

    Any help is still appreciated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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