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    Hey Guys,

    Sorry if these get asked a million times..Just a few things i am trying to figure out. So far i have installed Retro pie and uploaded all my roms on. I am using es scrapper atm and it is taking FOREVER!

    1. How do you change the default splash screen?

    2. I am using a snes controller. I bound keys o exit by pressing select+start. How do i set keys to say select+ left trigger = save state and select + right trigger = load state?.

    3. I have seen videos on youtube how people have skip by letter and a page down and up feature. How would i set this up on my system and gamepad.

    4. Is there anyway to setup a exit button on Osmose emulator for master system and gamegear?.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this guys.

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    1) name the file “splashscreen.png,” place it in /etc, and change the path in splashscreen.plist to “/etc/splashscreen.png.”

    2) I haven’t actually tested this myself, but assume the following works: edit retroarch.cfg and uncomment the following:

    input_enable_hotkey = (select)
    input_save_state = (right trigger)

    input_enable_hotkey = (select)
    input_load_state = (left trigger)

    3) to set up page up/page down and skip to letter, try

    cd .emulationstation
    sudo rm es_input.cfg

    When you reenter emulation station, it should prompt you to configure your controller.

    4) I just use the Genesis emulator for SMS. In es_systems.cfg, I copied the “COMMAND” line from the Genesis section and pasted it in the SMS section (removing or commenting out the existing “COMMAND” line. This works well but the emulator does not support Game Gear.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Got it all working now.

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