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    1) Wifi. When setting up my xbmc i messed with command line stuff for hours and didn’t get anywhere with the wifi. Is there a gui/wizard on the Retropie to help with wifi? I haven’t seen one. Then ssh is likely $ ssh pi@ip…. eh?

    2) I have a ps3 controller but no bluetooth dongle. I ran the ps3 driver script from the gui. I ran the configure retro arch controller. It found some axes and seemed to log neutral positions but timed out when it was looking for any buttons. I suspect there may be problems with my controller. Is there a simple way to test that on a linux Mint system?

    3) Keyboard. I will settle to using the keyboard for some games. When I try to configure it i can map all of the keys but when I get to ‘OK’ none of the keys will work.

    4) I have the 6666 game iso that is giving me problems. Is there another good cache of games I should look into, or some known solution for the problematic iso?

    Thanks all.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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