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    Ok, probably easy answer but I’m not figuring it out. I’m on Pi 2, 32GB MicroSD, Beta 3 (latest).
    I have everything working just fine and controllers are working super cool!!
    I want a way to return back to the main menu when I’m done with the game. I saw I can configure how to do it on a YouTube video. Only problem is when I’m at the prompt “pi@retropie ~$” and when I “ls” I only see two directories “RetroPie” and “RetroPie-Setup”. I cannot find “/opt/retropie/emulators/RetroArch/installdir/bin” like in version 2 and cannot find “/Retropie/emulators/Retroarch/tools/” because the only directories under RetroPie are BIOS, retropiemenu, and roms. Under RetroPie-Setup I only have directories of: logs, scriptmodules, supplementary, tools, and wiki. Where do I find the configuration file so I can set it up to bounce back with a hotkey on the controller? Thank you in advance!

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    cd /opt

    I usually just use winscp

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    I haven’t played around with v3 beta but you could try running something like the following to find a file if something moved.
    sudo updatedb
    locate filename

    Also ls by default lists the current directory which starts out as your home directory /home/pi but you can do:
    ls /
    ls /opt
    etc to list other directories. / is the root of the filesystem similar to C:/ on windows.

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    ls / is what I needed! Thanks! I totally spaced it was in the home directory.

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